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There is something emotionally moving and memorable about bioluminescence. Gliding through the serene, moonlit waters, you feel an immediate connection with nature and its raw, ancient presence.  

The intimate dance between moonlight and marine sparkle enraptures! Only those who’ve paddled through it can speak of its beauty. At Calypso Kayaking, we guide you through these spellbinding nocturnal tours and show you how to get the most out of your experience. Read on as we share more about lunar activity and its effect on bioluminescent creatures. 

A Secret World: Bioluminescence at Night 

Imagine paddling through waters alive with an eerie but enchanting glow where every paddle stroke awakens glittering marine life. This is the incredible natural phenomenon of bioluminescence. Florida’s waters are an ideal environment for glowing plankton to thrive and delight kayakers of all ages. Under cover of darkness, participants of our tours experience thousands of glowing beings in their natural habitat. 

Moon Effects on Bioluminescence 

Believe it or not, the moon doesn’t just regulate the tides; its phases also signal and affect the behavior of many species on land and sea. Regarding bioluminescence, lunar phases guide the best “show times.” While bioluminescence can always be seen at night, the new moon phase offers optimal viewing with its pitch-black conditions. 

A study on moon phases and bioluminescence was done in Switzerland. Their findings can be downloaded here.  

Bioluminescent Kayaking in Florida 

The Sunshine State’s thriving ecosystems host millions of bioluminescent organisms. In fact, Indian River and Merritt Island are considered by many to be among the best places in the world to view bioluminescence. Calypso Kayaking has seasoned guides who will lead you into this magical world with expertise and safety. 

The Best Times to See Bioluminescence in Florida 

The best (and most quickly booked) time to book a bioluminescent kayaking tour is during the new moon. Dim moonlight provides a stronger contrast and a more vibrant light show. See the below lunar calendar for the best times to book your tour, and don’t delay! 


Best Viewing Tips for Kayakers 

– Prepare for a pitch-dark environment 

– A cloudless sky is ideal; it maximizes the glow. 

– Moonlight changes light intensity; consult lunar phases for optimal viewing. 

– Avoid using artificial lights, which can diminish the bioluminescent effect. 

Moonlight and Bioluminescence FAQs 

Q: Is it okay to swim in bioluminescence? 

A: While beautiful to look at, bioluminescent algae blooms can be harmful to the fish that swim in them and you as well. Click here to read a WebMD article on the subject.   

Q: What are dark sky nights? 

A: When minimal natural light or artificial light disrupts bioluminescent viewing. New moon phases offer perfect dark sky nights.  

Q: Will I still see bioluminescence under a full moon? 

A: The brightness of a full moon can diminish the viewing experience of bioluminescence but not ruin it. Trust us, it is still an unforgettable, magical ride! 


While bioluminescence is always visible at night, the viewing is better when moonlight is diminished. Consult the lunar calendar and book your kayaking tour quickly before seats fill up! 

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