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Have you heard about bioluminescent kayaking? If not, you’re in for a treat! On a Calypso Kayaking night tour, you can experience the unforgettable sight of magical glowing creatures in and around the waters of the Indian River on Merritt Island.  

Our guides take you on a mindblowing adventure in clear kayaks, making your experience a “surround sound” of twinkling lights you’ll treasure forever. Read on as we list the types of glowing wildlife in the state’s enchanting bioluminescent world.  

Bioluminescence: What Is It? 

Bioluminescence is the phenomenon produced by various organisms through the production and emission of light. A chemical reaction inside them turns these unique creatures into “nature’s glow stick,” to the fascination of us all. Bioluminescence is most commonly observed in marine life environments but is also present in insects like fireflies. 

Read more about bioluminescence in National Geographic.  

Florida Bioluminescence: Glowing Marine Life 

If you’re in the Sunshine State, you’re lucky to be near one of the few places on Earth where bioluminescence can be seen up close. Florida’s warm lagoons and estuaries are the ideal environment for glowing creatures to flourish. Imagine paddling through indigo waters at night and suddenly seeing a trail of sparkling light trailing from your oar. It’s an otherworldly experience sailing through streams of ethereal light just beneath the water’s surface. 

Types of Bioluminescent Creatures in Florida 

– Dinoflagellates – These tiny plankton are abundant in Florida waters and a main contributor to bioluminescent magic. 

– Comb Jellies – Although many think they’re jellyfish, they’re a different creature entirely. Their pulsating light displays create waves of iridescent color.   

 – Bioluminescent Fungi and Algae – While they aren’t as common in the water, they can often be viewed growing along the shoreline or floating in patches on the surface.  

– Fireflies – After ladybugs, they may be the most adored flying insect, beloved for the “twinkling” effect they create.  

– Bioluminescent Jellyfish – They’re less prevalent, so meeting a glowing jellyfish on your kayak tour would truly be a rare treat.   

Bioluminescence Kayaking FAQs 

Q: Can I take a bioluminescent kayaking tour as a beginner? 

A: Yes! Our tours are designed to accommodate any skill level and we begin each tour with a talk about safety and paddling how-to’s. 

Q: Can you see bioluminescence every night? 

A: Bioluminescence is best viewed during warmer months on nights with little light, like during a new moon. Check our calendar to see the best dates for viewing this natural phenomenon.  

Q: When is the best time to go bioluminescent kayaking in Florida? 

A: The peak time for bioluminescence in Florida is typically from June to October when the water is warmest. Dates fill up quickly, though, so book now! 

Q: Is it safe to touch bioluminescent organisms? 

A: While bioluminescent creatures pose no harm to humans, we advise people to observe them and not touch them to help preserve their habitat.  


Florida’s warm waters and flourishing habitats allow visitors to experience the phenomenon of bioluminescent creatures in optimal conditions. Tours with optimal viewing conditions fill up quickly, so book your bioluminescent adventure soon! 

Book Florida’s Best Bioluminescent Kayaking Tour at Calypso Kayaking 

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure on the magical waters of the Indian River on Merritt Island. Touted as one of the best bioluminescence viewing spots on the planet, Indian River awaits with enchantment and sparkling waters. 

The skilled kayaking guides at Calypso Kayaking will deliver a memorable journey into enchantment. Come and immerse yourself in a once-in-a-lifetime experience! 

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