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Private Kayak Rentals

If you’re the “do-it-yourself” type, or would prefer to experience your kayaking adventure in a private setting with only your small group of friends and family, then private kayak rentals are for you. We offer private kayak rentals for groups of up to 4 people. For an affordable hourly rate you can build your own custom kayak adventure. If you choose to depart from Manatee Cove (where our guided tours begin), your kayaks will be waiting in the water and ready to go at the time of your choosing. You can just hop on board and begin your self guided tour.
If you would rather depart from another location, you can arrange to pick up your kayaks at Calypso Kayaking’s kayak storage center (located near Manatee Cove). We’ll mount the kayaks onto the roof of your car using kayak mounts suited for almost any vehicle. Just return the kayaks to the storage center at the end of your trip.



Paddleboard Rentals

If close encounters with an incredible array of marine wildlife isn’t enough excitement for you, how about adding in the fun and excitement of a SUP board!! New for 2015, we now offer private SUP board rentals. Talk about being close to the water! It’s just another fun and exciting way to enjoy your day, but be warned, you should definitely be prepared to get a bit wet.
These boards are very stable and easy to paddle so you don’t need a lot of skill to use one. However they are easier than a kayak to fall off.
kayak and paddleboard tour and rental rates