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dolphins and sea kayakers


For decades, tourists have flocked to Orlando for the lively attractions and natural wonders. Orlando’s massive theme parks and the nearby Everglades are known the world over. However, a secret glowing gem rests among these trite destinations, the Indian River Lagoon – like Radium, the Indian River Lagoon glows in the dark! Don’t fear, the lagoon isn’t radioactive. This phenomenon is caused by millions of Plankton. These Plankton emit a bioluminescence when disturbed by motion.


Forget the crowded theme parks and the dwindling nightlife on Orange street, formally Church Street, instead, embark on a sunset paddling tour with Calypso Kayaking. The team at Calypso Kayaking are experienced navigators of Orlando’s nearby rivers and lagoons.


With each stroke of the oar, with every ripple, or gust of wind against the water’s surface, the Indian River Lagoon glows an electric blue. However, it’s not merely disturbances from atop the water that spark an enigmatic glow, schooling fish, below the water’s surface, create a teal wake through the clear water – the motion of Manatee and Stingray cause a slow-moving glow, that shines like a celestial body below the water’s surface. Moreover, the river’s luminescent phenomenon is best seen during Spring, however, the Plankton remain in bloom throughout the warmer months.


Calypso Kayaking’s nature tours are accessible to everyone from the novice to the more adventurous Eco-tourist. Although the night owl will be overcome with awe by the Indian River Lagoon’s glowing water, early birds intimately encounter Orlando’s nearby unique fauna. This area is home to the bottlenose dolphin, Alligators and the adorable Manatee. Calypso Kayaking’s Manatee encounters are unparalleled – witnessing the majestic Sea Cow, as they are referred to by Orlando natives, from a glass bottom boat doesn’t compare to viewing Manatees from a kayak.


Calypso Kayaking offers a unique experience. Whether you’re interested in encountering the majestic Manatee or gazing upon a glowing lagoon, it’s best done from a kayak. An experience like this can only happen in Orlando.