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Night Kayaking & Bioluminescent Tours

Few visitors to the Orlando and Cocoa Beach area are aware of the fact that the Indian River Lagoon is home to a truly unique and magical natural phenomena. The nighttime waters glow! During the summer months on the Indian and Banana Rivers every movement in the water produces light! It’s a great time of year for an sunset/evening kayak tour. The movement of your paddle or a school of fish leaves a blue-green trail. The movement of manatees and stingrays leave a slow moving glow. Every movement in the water produces light! The waters of the Indian River Lagoon come alive after sunset and puts on a show you never soon forget. Experience this phenomena while on your visit to Florida with a sunset/bioluminescent kayak tour on the Indian River Lagoon!



If you’re looking for things to do in Cocoa Beach and Orlando, I invite you to try and unique and unforgettable experience. Slip away with me on my next unforgettable kayaking tour and adventure. Bioluminescent kayak tours begin in late May or early June and last through the summer months. This tour launches at 9:00 pm & 11:00 pm, when the magic begins with a light show that is something you have to see. This is my favorite tour of the year. Everyone on these tours walks away with the best experience.


Unfortunately, the full moon significantly reduces the visibility of the bioluminescence, so for a few days before and after each full moon we shut down our bioluminescence trips. Instead, we offer kayak tours on the tranquil moonlit waters of the lagoon. It’s quite a memorable experience!

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