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Paddle into Wonder: Choosing the Right Kayak for Bioluminescent Tours 

It’s an unforgettable experience, gliding through the water surrounded by the enchantment of bioluminescence under an ebony, star-filled sky. A Calypso Kayaking bioluminescent tour on the gentle waters of Indian River Lagoon is something everyone should experience. But to fully appreciate it, you need the right kayak. Here are our tips for selecting the ideal vessel for a truly captivating journey. 

Choose Your Kayak  

Clear kayaks are an excellent choice to highlight the enchanting glow of bioluminescent life. They allow you to see the radiant blue-green hues at maximum wattage. You’ll also watch fish move through the bioluminescent water trails, casting streaks of light that add to the magical experience. 

Next, think about stability and comfort. Depending on your chosen tour, you may be on the water for a significant amount of time. Ergonomic seating and adequate legroom are essential. Look for a model with adjustable footrests and fully padded seats that allow a relaxed posture and secure position.  

Safety Tips  

When kayaking at night, safety is paramount. To enjoy a secure nighttime excursion in the Indian River Lagoon, choose a vessel with visible lighting or reflective material for enhanced visibility. Built-in flotation devices are recommended in case of capsizing. 

Other practical considerations are kayaks with watertight storage for extra clothes, jackets, snacks, or other items. Some kayak models even have mounts for cameras, enabling you to capture this memorable experience for posterity.  

Choosing the right kayak will add to your bioluminescent experience and allow for a safe, enjoyable time on the water. Calypso Kayaking offers a limited supply of clear kayaks for our bioluminescent tours on a first come, first served basis. 

Glow with the Flow – Book a Calypso Kayaking Bioluminescent Adventure 

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