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What to Expect on a Bioluminescent Kayaking Tour 

Take a magical journey witnessing one of nature’s most mesmerizing light shows! From the moment you launch on a Calypso Kayaking nighttime adventure, you’ll enter a world filled with bioluminescent creatures just waiting to dazzle you. On the serene waters of Indian River Lagoon, you’ll watch in wonder as ethereal lights swirl and dance just beneath your vessel. In our clear kayaks, your tour becomes an experience no one else can offer. 


Prior to launch, our experienced and knowledgeable guides present a how-to in kayak safety. This is vital for first-time kayakers and helps all participants to feel at ease on the water. As the dusk settles, visitors are guided to the water’s edge to board their kayaks. 

The Tour 

 As you paddle, you’ll encounter a remarkable scene of sparkling blues and greens. Tiny aquatic beings dance just below you in a bioluminescent symphony of light. Curious fish dart through the trails of light, creating their own unique art show. Pause for a moment and dip your hand in the water, then smile in amazement as a magical glow covers your fingertips. 

Fascinating Surroundings  

Adding to the enchantment are nocturnal creatures along the shoreline. Fireflies swirl among the mangroves, land-roving animal eyes watch from afar, and starry skies serve as a glowing canvas above. 

Our experienced guides share fascinating details during the tour about the marine life responsible for this glowing phenomenon and the science behind their light production. You’ll get a once-in-a-lifetime kayak tour and a lesson about the environment around us. 

Glow with the Flow – Book a Calypso Kayaking Bioluminescent Tour 

For more than just another paddle on the water, contact our friendly team today and book a transformative experience on the peaceful waters of the Indian River lagoon. Get ready to marvel at nature’s breathtaking display of life and light! 


Manatee Cove
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Reservations are required.